Saturday, July 18, 2009

The circus tour

That's "The Circus Tour" rather than a tour shich is simply a circus that is. Britney Spears has been spending most of this year on tour with a show called "Circus" and it started out in the US then moved over to Europewhere it currently continues. In August it'll be back in the US and then over to Australia.

There were, to begin with, shocked stories about how Britney Spears was in fact miming to much of the songs, putting all her efforts into the dancing. Well, yes, but given that she is in fact a dancer rather than a singer (look, no one is saying that she's got a particularly great voice in either timbre or range) that's not all that much of a surprise.

Indeed, it's pretty much what we would expect. Especially given one or two performances when she was just coming back from problems where she seemed to forget the words she was miming to.....

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