Thursday, November 19, 2009

What drug treatments work best?

This is something of a modern day conundrum for we've found out a lot about which is the best drug treatment. Unfortunately, what we've found out is that the best such treatment is the one that works best for the individual patient: there is no hard and fast rule that works across the board for everyone. Even the idea that the addict must stop taking any and all forms of drugs isn't quite true for everyone.

For example, in treating heroin addiction we quite often use methadone to replace it: in a way that we simply do not try and replace addictions in alcohol or other drug addicts. We've also found a number of different treatments which work for some (some large and some small) sub-section of those desiring treatment. These might include medically supervised interventions: or others might respond better to therapuetic ones. Further, it's not so much the type of addiction that leads to the best response being from one or another system of drug treatment. There's a very large amount of try this method, if that doesn't work, try another and so on.

It's also true that we have to recognise that sometimes it's not just the addiction itself that is the problem: there can be underlying matters which lead to the propensity to become addicted. We thus might want to use a dual diagnosis drug treatment plan in such cases: we need to solve both problems, not just the superficial addiction.

What this means is that we've found out the basics of how to help: we need to have an intetgrated offering of treatments where patients can, in partnership with those treating them, work out what is the best way forward. Which is what has led to the rise of places like the Pat Moore Foundation, one of the very few in the country that is able to offer all of the disciplines and treatments.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sarah De Herdt Pictures

Sarah De Herdt is a Belgian sprinter and body builder who rather likes to show off her very fit body in very explicit poses.

This practice has made pictures of Sarah De Herdt quite sought after: indeed, she's been known to post them to a number of amatuer sites simply because she enjoys going so.

And as Sarah De Herdt enjoys showing off herself in pictures, we thought we'd add a little to Ms. De Herdt's enjoyment by posting a few of Sarah De Herdt's pictures.

As in these pictures of Ms. De Herdt.

There's also a much larger selection of Sarah De Herdt pictures here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The circus tour

That's "The Circus Tour" rather than a tour shich is simply a circus that is. Britney Spears has been spending most of this year on tour with a show called "Circus" and it started out in the US then moved over to Europewhere it currently continues. In August it'll be back in the US and then over to Australia.

There were, to begin with, shocked stories about how Britney Spears was in fact miming to much of the songs, putting all her efforts into the dancing. Well, yes, but given that she is in fact a dancer rather than a singer (look, no one is saying that she's got a particularly great voice in either timbre or range) that's not all that much of a surprise.

Indeed, it's pretty much what we would expect. Especially given one or two performances when she was just coming back from problems where she seemed to forget the words she was miming to.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Five in Katie Holmes' Family

In all this news about Katie Holmes and her marriage to Tom Cruise there's one bit that always seem to get forgotten. Or rather two. The children Tom adopted with his previous wife, Nicole Kidman.

According to Katie Holmes the new baby, Suri, gets on really well with the older two children.

But one thing that still puzzles me: if the reason that they did adopt was that Tom Cruise can't have children, then where did Katie Holmes' baby come from?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rod Marries again.

Yes, it looks like Rod Stewart has finally done the decent thing and married Penny Lancaster.

Seems only the right thing to do after a two year engagement and her bearing him a child, doesn't it?

So Penny Lancaster becomes Penny Stewart at last.

Or, given the way that things go in the UK, soon to be Lady Stewart.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Justifying the Cut

Some would justify circumcision by stating that it reduces STDs. Others, that there's a religious reason.

Some point out that it stops penile cancer.

But finding out that circumcision actually increases sexual pleasure is an interesting argument.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day Strippers

Now this really sounds like a rather good idea actually:

Peruvian officials launched an investigation on Tuesday into a Mother's Day striptease performance by a dance troupe in a Lima auditorium owned by the national judiciary.

Peru's Superior Court, just one step below the Supreme Court in the judicial hierarchy, issued a statement condemning what it described as a "shameful incident".

The striptease took place last week during an event organized by a trade union which represents judicial workers.

Local media reports said that when the dancers peeled off their clothes to the sound of Mexican music they were heckled and whistled at by spectators, most of whom were women.

I'm not sure I understand the shock actually. One thing we do know about mothers is that they take at least an occasional interest in matters sexual.